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Bigfoot Training began trading in May 2010 from it's base in Teesside, although the owner has been training personnel in all the available courses for over twelve years, throughout the North East.

Why use Bigfoot Training ?

As mentioned above, the owner has been training for many years now, and has gained quite a good reputation within the industry. The courses now being offered will continue to provide excellent quality training, but with a very favourable pricing structure. Those organisations that used Mike's services over the years have come to recognise him as a thorough trainer, and one who will endeavour to provide the clients with the best possible levels of instruction for their staff. Each course has been researched thoroughly, and packaged to meet the needs of the official bodies and the needs of the client.

Quality at a respectable price

  • Courses are priced to attract, but they are not reduced in quality.
  • Much more flexibility when arranging courses. Better for the client, better for the trainees.
  • Courses can be done at times to suit the client. Weekend courses can be arranged.
  • Course content can be modified to suit the client's special needs (subject to rules / guidelines)
  • Smaller class sizes can be accommodated.