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About Bigfoot Training....

Bigfoot Training Limited, was owned and operated by Mike Johnston.

Prior to becoming a Full-time Training Officer, Mike spent ten years on Teesside Chemical Sites, initially in Security, then as a Firefighter and eventually a Fire Officer.

From 1998, Mike was the instructor responsible for training in Fire extinguisher operation, Standby Entry Duties, Standby Fire Duties (Firewatch),Radio Discipline and Fire Warden Duties on one of Europe's largest chemical complexes based on Teesside. As a Scott-approved and certified instructor, he also carried out Breathing Apparatus training courses using the Scott Escape sets, Scott Contour / Centurion SCBA sets and Scott ModulAir / Astral airline equipment.

As well as working on the Teesside sites, Mike also carried out off-site training on behalf of various organisations including Nursing Homes, Public Houses, etc. During that same period he trained over sixteen thousand people just in Fire extinguisher operation and Fire awareness sessions and covered almost forty one thousand training subjects.

Bigfoot Training had full knowledge of the training packages currently required by the major chemical sites and businesses in the area, with Mike being instrumental in the initial formatting of most of these packages. Bigfoot Training became an approved supplier of training courses to the majority of Teesside's industrial organisations. Bigfoot Training was also utilised on behalf of several organisations to provide training courses to their own clients.



Trainees were validated to the required standards, with certification to confirm the trainee’s successful completion of the course.


Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (England & Wales)

Bigfoot Training offered businesses the chance to obtain training that meets the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Order.

Since October 2005, all premises, with the exception of private dwellings, MUST comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (England & Wales). Within this Order, businesses must provide the employees with clear and relevant information on the risks to them identified by the Fire Risk Assessment, about the measures that have been taken to prevent fires, and how these measures will protect them if a fire breaks out. They must provide appropriate information, instruction and training to their employees, during normal working hours, about fire precautions in the workplace, at the start of and periodically throughout their time of employment. The above Order applies to virtually ALL premises and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space. The only exceptions are private homes, including individual flats in a block or house.

Bigfoot Training was an affordable way to ensure businesses complied with the rules. Fire training was done at their location. All that was needed was a facility big enough to comfortably seat staff, and big enough to permit the instructor to demonstrate the equipment. If the client required a hands-on session, then you would normally need a suitable, safe area outside for this

Training usually consisted of a classroom lecture with an optional written validation; which was then followed by the practical session. Successful trainees were sent certification to ensure they had documented proof of compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order. The Company was also sent a list of all attendees for their training records, again to show compliance with the Order. The original attendance records and any questionnaires will still be kept for a minimum period of five years,

All courses contained the necessary information to ensure compliance, but were flexible enough to enable each business to include their own business-specific requirements.

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